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Kaiser Home Health Services

Kaiser Home Health Services provides Medicare-certified care for patients in their own homes, promoting safety, health and independence. We serve home-bound patients in Karnes and surrounding counties. Otto Kaiser Memorial is staffed by experienced, licensed clinicians trained to provide the following in-home services

Home Health is more than nursing care. We ensure safe and appropriate treatment at home; to provide the necessary medical supplies as ordered that best meet your needs; to monitor your condition during your convalescence or rehabilitation and alert your MD to early signs or symptoms of complications; to teach you, a member of your family, or a friend how to care for your medical needs and treatments; to share with you important information about your medications, diet, and your disease process.

Skilled Nursing

  • Assessment of condition
  • Vital signs
  • Catheter changes and care
  • Dressing changes to wounds/incisions
  • Diabetic instruction
  • Ostomy care
  • Blood draws for labs
  • Injections
  • Home IV infusion
  • Instruct on use of equipment such as oxygen or glucometer
  • Instruct on your disease processes and make referrals to other agencies such as provider services

Speech Therapy

  • Cognitive and memory rehabilitation
  • Treat speech, eating and swallowing difficulties

    Physical & Occupational Therapy

    • Gait training
    • Strengthening training
    • Home exercise program
    • Massage and ultrasound
    • Instruction on becoming independent in home

    Home Health Aide

    • Assist with bathing
    • Personal care
    • Ambulation
    • Skin care
    • Exercises
    • Assess vital signs
    • Light housekeeping

    Who qualifies for these services?

    Anyone who can use home health assistance during an acute illness; anyone who has been discharged from a hospital, nursing home or rehab hospital; post-surgical care; anyone with a new diagnosis or new medications.

    Who pays for these services?

    Medicare will pay for home health services 100% as long as the patient remains homebound. The patient must be homebound which means they are not driving. They leave their homes only for medical care; dental appts; church; beauty shop and in frequent absences from the home.

    Medicaid and other major private insurances also pay home health benefits.

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    How do I find out more about our home health service?

    Ask your doctor or feel free to call Otto Kaiser Memorial Home Health any of the following ways:

    Stacey Schultz, RN
    Administrator, Director of Nursing
    Phone: 830-583-4558
    Fax: 830-583-3727
    Email: stacey.schultz@okmh.org
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